Annual Calendars
2018 — 2019

2018 and 2019 collage calendars I sell at Printed Matter.

Film Poster Design
2013 — 2017

Various posters designed for independent films debuts at international film festivals.

Japanese Illustrations

An illustration series I created during my time in Tokyo documenting the kinds of people I observed during my travels. I picture each character standing next to the type of accessory I predict they would keep on their cellphone and the kind of drink they would buy from the vending machines that are abundant on the streets of Tokyo.


Digital and silkscreened posters done at RISD

Exhibition Graphics

Handmade alphabet for an event graphic announcing a gallery show opening entitled "Belly of the Whale" for 2 RISD alumni: Edo Rosenblith and Armando Veve. The boys asked for something that looked gross.

Collaboration with Alex Lin

Select spreads I illustrated in a book collaboration with Graphic Designer; Alex Lin
The left side of the spread is “Yes” themed while the right side is “No” themed. Each spread includes a piece from Alex’s design portfolio. Illustrations and concepts by me.


RISD Design Guild Posters
2010 — 2011

Selection of posters designed during my time at RISD when I worked for a student-led design studio creating event graphics for campus programs.

Artwork for Group Show

A 3x4’ piece I created for a group show at Agnes B gallery. “26 Things to Worry About” An alphabet.