OkCupid Marketing
2017 — present

Assorted infographics for press releases and social channels.

Various graphics designed for our marketing emails
announcing special offers and promotions.

A new email template for CRM. 

Carousel ads running on Tinder targeting users looking for
something more serious than what Tinder has to offer.

Book covers and special promotions for OkCupid’s line of new romance novels, just in time for April Fool’s.

App Store Optimization for the OkCupid App Store and Google Play page.

Animated GIFs and promotional graphics announcing the
release of OkCupid's latest product feature: Discovery.

Branding for our premium features Rate Card

Branding for a partnership with Yelp which polled users on their favorite date spots.

Our new and improved company About page.

OkCupid Social Media
2017 — 2019